If you’re on the holiday job hunt, you may not have thought about this but there are many companies who make false claims, and some “employers” who are just straight up shady! Here’s what to look out for when checking to see whether a company is legit or not.

Look them up online

Looking a company up online before you head out to an interview with them is important, because it will instantly give you a sense of what to expect from them. Beware of companies with shady looking websites, as well as ones who don’t provide any credible contact information (such as a proper address and landline number). Checking their social media pages will also help you get a sense of their work environment.

Ask around

Got a friend, family member or classmate who’s worked with the company before? Ask them how that experience went for them. Going for a company that’s recommended by a trusted friend or relative is a far better idea than a completely unknown company.

It’s also a good idea to ask around in your community to see what sort of reputation the employer has overall. You’d be surprised what sort of information some people can provide you with.

Listen to your intuition

If something feels off, it usually is - so be sure to listen to that inner voice. Remember that no legitimate company will ever ask you to pay for something in order to hire you, nor will they make outrageous promises for “getting rich quick”.

If you’re planning on meeting with a representative of the company or going to their offices, pay close attention to the instructions and if you don’t feel safe at any point in time, leave and head to a place of safety immediately.

Go with a friend

If you need to go for an interview, it’s always safer to go with a friend or family member and have them wait outside the interview room. Having someone with you is great for moral support, as well as help should something not turn out well. If you’re planning on doing this, be sure to tell the company beforehand- and be suspicious if they insist on meeting you alone.

Ask for clarification

If you’re unclear on any part of the company or job position, ask for clarification. Be wary of any company which refuses to give you a clear answer- when it comes to details such as the job description, salary and payment method, taxes, etc. any legit employer should be able to provide you with a short and truthful answer.

Getting a job is fun and exciting, but unfortunately there are many bad people who want to take advantage of younger girls looking for work. Stay sharp when applying for any kind of work, and remember that you have the right to be safe and not agree to anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Good luck on your holiday job search, and stay safe!

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