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Winter Cereal Trust Bursary 2019 – 2020

Applications close 31 August 2019

About the company

The Winter Cereal Trust (WCT), founded in 1997, is divided into 2 trusts – the Winter Cereal Research Trust and the Winter Cereal General Trust, each serving a separate function.

About the Bursary

The Trust awards 10 bursaries to postgraduate students each year, as well as 3 bursaries to black students in their final year of undergraduate studies or studying towards an honours degree (planning to study postgraduate). Bursaries are awarded for fields of study relevant to the Small Grains Industry, for Masters and Doctoral qualifications. Bursary award values differ according to the level of qualification and length of study: R60 505/ year for undergraduate degrees and Honours degrees (for a one year) R73 300/ year for MSc degrees (for two years) R89 590/ year for PhD degrees (for three years) Students will also have access to a Mentor/ Co-Promotor with the relevant skills in the small grains research field, who will be able to assist where necessary. Students will be required to take up employment within the Small Grains Industry for an equal amount of time as their bursary awarded. Bursary recipients will be required to attend the 2 day meeting of the Winter Cereal Trust Technical Committee, held in Pretoria during September each year.


South African citizen Completed Matric Black student (Coloured, Indian or African) Studying towards a Masters or Doctoral qualification OR in final year of undergraduate studies/ studying towards an honours degree (and plan on studying towards a postgrad) Studying in a field related to the Small Grains Industry Thesis topic to be approved by the Winter Cereal Trust Mentor and Co-Promotor to be selected – to be approved by the WCT and university where studies will take place


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Bursary Provider

Winter Cereal Trust (WCT)
012 007 1200

Block C Agri-hub Office Park 477 Witherite Road The Willows Pretoria

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